Midwest Waters Angling Co.

Our goal is to give our clients the best experience possible on the water. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, come out and enjoy the best fishing that Illinois has to offer. We are a catch and release guide service in Northern Illinois that specializes in targeting smallmouth bass, carp, pike, and gar on the fly. Rivers fluctuate and conditions can change from optimal to blown out in a day. There are multiple rivers to choose from in our area and we will find the best river to choose when conditions are tough.

The Local Waters

We mainly go off the beaten path when it comes to the rivers we fish, getting to places that others can't. Below is a list of some of the watersheds that we focus on. We often don't focus as much on the main rivers, instead targeting backwaters, tributaries, and hard to get to places. These rivers have many tributaries, creeks, and branches, which open up a lot of fishing opportunities. There really are some beautiful, scenic hidden gems in Illinois, which don't receive much fishing pressure. You don't have to drive hundreds of miles to experience some fantastic fishing. There are trophy smallmouth waters here in our own back yard. 


Contact Info

For general inquiries please email, Info@midwestwaters.com

Mike Allen: mike.allen@midwestwaters.com


Kurt Nelson: kurt.nelson@midwestwaters.com



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