Details for 2018 "Bronzeback Cup" Fly Tournament

The first annual Bronzeback Cup Invitational Fly Tournament will be held June 29th and 30th. The event will be based out of the Chicago suburbs.

The entry fee per team will be $375.00. This will include tournament shirts, SWAG bags, donation to the "Coalition to SAVE the Menominee River Inc.", Dinner, and cash/prizes.

This is a non for profit tournament and all of the proceeds will be going towards prizes and donations.

Tournament Itinerary:

Friday June 29th,

Angler meet and greet at 5:00 PM, rules announcement, dinner, and after party. 

Location: TBD

Saturday June 30th,

5 am - Mandatory check in, SWAG bag, and tournament bump board hand out. 

5 am  - 6:00 pm - On the water tournament.

6:45 pm - All teams must be back at TBD restaurant for dinner.

8:00 pm - Point tally and winner announcement.


Fishing Area: Any river within 100 miles of 5 am check in location.

This is a boat only teams of 3 tournament, there will be no wading, kayaks, or other personal watercraft allowed to enter. Three person rafts will be allowed to enter into tournament.

All smallmouth must be taken on fly, photographed/measured, and released. Pictures must be taken of the angler holding the fish and of the fish with the tournament supplied measuring stick/bump board . The teams 5 biggest fish pics must be texted to tournament staff by 6:45 pm Saturday.

Phone numbers to text pictures to will be provided on angler rules sheet given out at the meet and greet Friday. Tournament staff will provide anglers with individual measuring tapes the morning of tournament. Anglers must be back at TBD restaraunt by 6:45 pm Saturday for awards.

The point totals will be based on the teams 5 biggest fish of the day. 

There will be an additional prize for biggest and smallest fish.

Example Scoring:
20" smallmouth = 20 points
18" smallmouth = 18 points
12" Smallmouth Bass = 12 points
14" Smallmouth Bass = 14 points
Total Points =  64 points

Payment options:

Once applications are received and reviewed we will be awarding team captains with an invite. Invoices will be sent to team captains for entry fee payment.

If you have any questions feel free to email us or contact us. Keep up to date with new details on the "Bronzeback Fly Tournament" Facebook and Instagram accounts.



Please Apply/Sign up Below

We are limiting the number of boats/teams to 20. There is just not enough water to accommodate more boats than that. Please fill out all the info below and we will be awarding invites to team captains periodically.

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