Rafts Trips

The rafts will fit up to 2 anglers comfortably, all day on the water. We use these rafts to get to certain stretches of rivers that are inaccessible by boat. You'll enjoy some very scenic intimate areas when you book a raft trip. We typically see lots of wildlife that you would not see on the larger more urban river sheds. On the raft trips you will not see any development, and most likely not see another fisherman the entire day. Best of all, there is much less fishing pressure on these sections of river. Several of the rivers available for rafts trips will have small sections of white water rapids, something a little different to experience on your next fishing trip.

Jet Boat Trips

The Jet power drifter boats will fit 2 anglers very comfortably. The advantage to using these style of boats is that we can eliminate the need for shuttling cars from the put in and take out ramps, and can therefor get to the fishing spots very quickly. If a spot is not producing, we are not at the mercy of floating the river. The power drifters are equipped with oars, which means we can jet miles up river and float down, just like a classic western style drift boat trip.

River We Fish

DuPage River, Kankankee River, Kishwaukee River, Mazon River, Fox River, Rock River, Vermillion River, Illinois River

Faqs and What to Expect

  • We Specialize in guiding for smallmouth bass, but there are many opportunities to catch carp, long nose gar, northern pike, and musky. If you have a preference for species you would like to target let us know and we will put you in the right water.
  • If your a novice angler, we are here to help in anyway we can. Feel free throughout your day to ask questions about equipment, reading water, fish patterns and movements, flies, or lesson/help with your fly casting.
  • Our fishing guiding season starts in March and ends around November.
  • All boats, clients, and equipment are fully insured with commercial liability insurance.
  • Our main concern and priority is to keep our clients safe on the water. Every Captain is certified in first aid and CPR. Every boat has appropriate safety items, PFDs, and first aid kits.